Empty "what was tested", "what was not" fields

Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 19:27:19 CDT 2006

Nick Law wrote:
> Hi Tony,
> When working through some of the submitted testing results I couple of 
> them had nothing in the "what works" or "what doesn't" fields. There 
> did not appear to be any spaces in this fields. I thought the system 
> required you to enter something into these fields. Has that changed ?, 
> or is the submitter fooling the AppDB into accepting the field by 
> inserting hidden/non printable characters ?
No this is because of the by now infamous makeSafe() patch. The attached patch
should fix that up.

Change log: Don't allow empty "what works", "what was tested" and "what
was not" fields

Files Changed: include/testResults.php

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