wined3d: Make the number of floating point shader constants dynamic

Jason Green jave27 at
Fri Jun 30 08:46:54 CDT 2006

Please don't apply this yet - I just found a small bug.  Will resubmit
a fix shortly.

On 6/30/06, Jason Green <jave27 at> wrote:
> The size of the floating point constant array is different for every
> card.  This patch uses the GL limits for both ARB and GLSL shaders to
> dynamically allocate the number of float constants available.
> - Makes the register_maps struct allocate the memory dynamically
> - Makes the stateblock allocate the space for the constants and the
> set/changed flags dynamically
> - Removes the hack for MESA drivers
> - Declare the number supported in the shader programs as (gl_max -
> number of locally defined constants by DEF, DEFI, and DEFB [ - number
> of other uniforms which may be present in GLSL shaders])

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