winspool/tests: fix test for GetPrinterDriver (with hints from Dmitry)

Detlef Riekenberg at
Mon May 1 22:58:36 CDT 2006

Am Dienstag, den 02.05.2006, 11:46 +0900 schrieb Dmitry Timoshkov:
> > Are you now feel good with this patch?
> Yes, many thanks for coping with my requirements.
Thanks for the Review, Dmitry.

- Not all levels are supported in all Windows-Versions
- win9x has different results on some tests
- testing for "needed == (DWORD)-1" will fail on Win9x.
  (needed is always modified to different values in Win9x).
  We do not want GetVersion() in tests until a specific App
  relies on undocumented side-effects: => test removed
- MSDN is wrong: The Drivers on the win9x-CD's have cVersion=0x0400

- the "continue" - location is untouched now


  winspool/tests: fix test for GetPrinterDriver

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