usp10 #1/2: create HandleTables to keep track of memory allocation.

Jeff Latimer lats at
Mon Nov 6 06:37:03 CST 2006

These 2 patches implement HandleTables for tracking memory usage for the 
SCRIPT_STRING_ANALYSIS pointer.  The problem is that the ssa can be 
copied to another pointer and NULL'ing the pointer is not a reliable 
means of de-allocating the pointer.  The use of HandleTables looks like 
a solution to the problem but it depends on whether storing a handle in 
the ssa pointer is acceptable.  The table is of fixed size which is 
another potential problem but tests indicate that the number of handles 
in use will remain relatively small by comparison to the table size.

Advice is welcome.

Jeff Latimer

Create HandleTables to keep track of memory allocation
  dlls/usp10/ |    2 +
  dlls/usp10/usp10.c     |   71 
  2 files changed, 70 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
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