dlls/ws2_32: Note and patch about strange UDP packets

Florian Echtler echtler at in.tum.de
Mon Nov 20 11:44:31 CST 2006

> > As this software communicates with customized (expensive) cameras via
> > UDP, I noted a strange bug in the Wine debug channel "winsock": the
> > software was sending UDP packets to IP _254_.255.255.255 (note the first
> > octet). After some experimentation, I noticed that while Windows just
> > sends this as a broadcast packet, Linux rejects this address, because
> > the corresponding RFC states that the network is reserved
> > and should not be used.
> You can use a iptables rule to do the same thing. Right?
Uh.. I'm not sure about that. 254.* is reserved in the appropriate RFC
and the kernel seems to reject it already in the send() call.. But I'd
like to be proven wrong :-)


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