OpenAL32.dll thunk

Nick Burns adger44 at
Mon Nov 27 03:41:29 CST 2006

Cutting down patch as per comments....
.: submitting the patch (again ... sigh).

ChangeLog (Verbose): (Nick Burns)
  configure*: not submitted -- because the diff log is ginormus (spacing 
differences) adds simple openal detection (note: must run autoconf to 
make the new configure script) add openal32.dll (totally forgot this one before...)
  dlls/ add openal32.dll thunk
  include/ (can be made with autoheader -- but its small so its 
  dlls/openal32/openal.c: main thunk file
  dlls/openal32/ simple thunk makefile
  dlls/openal32/openal32.spec: openal+alut spec file

  This adds only a measly half dose of OpenAL goodness to wine
  (will send a separate patch for winmm/wineopenal )

  This adds an OpenAL32.dll thunk (built-in deprecated ALUT support is 
disabled by default please use freealut AND/OR USE_BUILTIN_ALUT if you want 
it -- honestly im not sure if this is a problem (what app uses old ALUT?))

  The thunk is usable on Mac OSX and Linux (other people have tested it) and 
wherever OpenAL exists (it should work too)

- Nick

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