X11Drv: move WGL extension code

Chris Rankin rankincj at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 1 07:19:43 CDT 2006

> The way WGL extensions are loaded is different. The old code correctly advertised the names of
> available WGL extensions but the wglGetProcAddress code didn't work correctly. Even if an
> extension wasn't advertised you could get a function pointer to the functions. On Windows
> wglGetProcAddress would return NULL.

Interesting, because I can well imagine people testing for the presence of an extension by trying
to get a pointer to it.

> I have tested the code using various OpenGL programs including the now famous World of Warcraft
> and everything works fine ;)

And this is even more interesting :-)! So you have now run WoW in OpenGL mode using Wine CVS +
your patch. I'm guessing the login screen didn't look like this though (Wine 0.9.20, XOrg 7.1):


The Direct3D version is far prettier on my machine, although it does crash when I quit:


Dare I ask what your OpenGL WoW login screen looked like before you applied your patch to Wine,
please? And which version of XFree / XOrg / DRI / graphics driver you have?


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