Setupapi [0/6] : ReactOS setupapi patches

Hervé Poussineau hpoussin at
Sun Sep 3 16:59:39 CDT 2006


As setupapi merge from ReactOS has been a recurrent demand [1], I'm doing
this set of patches.
Note that I'm not especially interested by this merge, but I do it only to
please people.
I've already spent one day to do them, I don't want to loose more of my time

Note also that I'm not the only one who can provide better patches if those
ones don't fullfill requirements.
You're welcome (yes, you! the reader of Wine-patches/Wine-devel ML) to
improve them if needed.

The goal of this set of patches is to set a solid ground to implement lots
of missing functions in setupapi.
I've tried to cut them in smallest possible parts.
Additionnaly, this patchset implements SetupDiEnumDeviceInfo and (mostly)

Patch 1/6
	Move Class related fonctions to their own file devclass.c
	No code change.

Patch 2/6
	Forward SetupDiGetClassDevsA/W and SetupDiGetClassDevsExA to
	This patch depends of patch 1

Patch 3/6
	Add in-memory structures needed to implement SetupDiGetClassDevsExW
in a following patch.
	Basically, we have one list container (structure DeviceInfoSet)
which will contain multiple devices (structure DeviceInfoElement) in a
chained list

Patch 4/6
	Update SetupDiCreateDeviceInfoList and
SetupDiCreateDeviceInfoListA/W to initialize all fields of in-memory
	This patch depends of patch 3

Patch 5/6
	Check parameters in SetupDiGetClassDevsExW stub, and create device
set if needed.
	Now, only the real work needs to be done.
	This patch depends of patches 1, 3 and 4

Patch 6/6
	Implement SetupDiEnumDeviceInfo
	This patch depends of patches 3 and 4


Hervé, ReactOS developper 

[2] Because I'm not a Wine user, nor have Linux on my computer

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