LOSTWAGES: WWN 292 & 320 updates

Mirek thunder.m at email.cz
Sat Sep 23 08:41:00 CDT 2006

Tom Wickline <twickline <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Hello,
> usp10.dll currently works as builtin with Lotus Notes, so I put a
> little update stating that in #292
> I also changed what benchmarks I had running at this years WineConf
> 3DMark2000, 3DMark2001SE and 3DMark2003... I have 3DMark2006 running
> and its beautiful, well beauty is in the eye of the beholder 
> All of the test run in all three of the benchmarks to completion and
> there is only two test out of all test that have minor problems, and
> Henri has one of the test fixed in his tree.

Can you post how i can get sources from his tree?

> Also Wine reports 64MB of video memory not 16MB

I think there shuld be option in winecfg to set this, because it is not easy to
find how anyone can do that.


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