[PATCH 0/4] Janitorial: Win64 printf format warning fixes

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at redhat.de
Thu Sep 28 18:17:46 CDT 2006


this is a series of four patches that start the work on the janitorial
task that Alexandre wanted to have done before Wine-1.0: fixing the
printf format warnings on Win64 Wine compiles. This involves moving
DWORD/LONG/ULONG in 32 bit Wine from long to int too like we already
have to do for 64 bit Wine. And fix the roughly 35000 printf format
strings warnings.

- Patch 1 adds WINE_NO_LONG_AS_INT to the EXTRADEFS of the directories
  that produce warnings.
- Patch 2 does the actual change of the DWORD/LONG/ULONG typedef to int.
  It introduces 702 format warnings.
- Patch 3 adds the ugly WINE_NO_LONG_AS_INT ifdefs around format strings
  in debug.h and test.h. Warning count goes down to 58. On Win64 Wine
  this actualy removes 10000 format warnings.
- Patch 4 contains the one line fixes for ~50 directories. There's no
  point to add for those first a EXTRADEFS line, then send a separate
  patch to remove it again together with the one line fix. Format
  warning count goes down to 0 again.

For all the people wanting to help out with this janitorial task please
wait until Alexandre commits this patch series. After that i'll create a
page for this task on the Wine wiki and link it from
I will put in a download link for my perl script that can automaticly
fix around 20000 out of the remaining 25000 warnings. You realy do not
want to go manualy over 25k warnings.

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