comctl32: Make the date picker close when it looses focus.

Gregor Brunmar gregor.brunmar at
Mon Aug 20 07:55:01 CDT 2007


I found a Windows/Wine inconsistency which I've made a patch for (in 

To reproduce the error, download this program for example:
- Download
- It will require msvcp60.dll, this can be obtained from the 
Windows\system32 directory (tested on Windows XP SP2)
- Repro steps after starting the application.
  * Press menu Action/New task, click on arrow at the right of the 
"Starting date" field.
  * Date picker opens. Now, click elsewhere on the dialog form (very 
noticable when clicking the "Help button at the bottom"
  * BUG: Date picker should close when it's focus is lost, it's still 
visible when using Wine.

Works as expected on Windows XP.

Jan Zerebecki (Amorphous) verified that wine has the problem and this 
patch fixes it:;h=a9093271012edd0f6fcf086dc43522d6a955ef5d.

If you have any questions, just send me an e-mail.

Gregor Brunmar

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