msi: correctly handle return value of msi_realloc. [1/2]

Lionel_Debroux lionel_debroux at
Sat Dec 22 04:28:53 CST 2007

Several functions in dlls/msi/action.c and dlls/msi/database.c use
constructs of the form
ptr = msi_realloc (ptr, newsize);

In the (admittedly very unlikely) situation where msi_realloc fails,
this leaks, or even faults:
filename = msi_realloc(filename, len * sizeof(WCHAR) + sizeof(szlnk));
memcpy(filename + len, szlnk, sizeof(szlnk));

2007-12-14  Lionel Debroux <lionel_debroux at>
        * dlls/msi/action.c, dlls/msi/database.c:
        msi: correctly handle return value of msi_realloc.

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