dinput: improve TRACEs and WARNs.

Lionel_Debroux lionel_debroux at yahoo.fr
Sun Dec 30 14:25:19 CST 2007

These are some traces I added while trying to figure out why two dinput
tests crash with warn+heap activated, when my Microsoft Digital Media
Pro USB keyboard (
) is plugged in.
I've already talked about this problem in bug #9916, I'll probably open
a bug report when I've investigated a bit further. So far, I saw that
different versions of the Linux kernel report different numbers of
buttons / axes.

2007-12-30  Lionel Debroux <lionel_debroux at yahoo.fr>
        * dlls/dinput/joystick_linux.c:
        dinput: improve TRACEs and WARNs.

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