[3/9] WineD3D: Add a per context structure for context management

Stefan Dösinger stefan at codeweavers.com
Thu Feb 8 15:48:04 CST 2007

This patch adds a new context management structure which will keep a dirty 
state list, state optimization members, a glx context and drawable, ...

More than a year ago Oliver started such a context management already(see 
glContext structure). He started the reverse approach I am using, first 
having many gl contexts and then put the states into each context, while I am 
starting with putting the states into one context and then keeping multiples 
of them. So I found it easier to start over and remove the old "hacked out 
start of a context manager". Patch 10(which I will send after those are 
applied) will remove the old glContext structure.

If anyone is interested, the patch 10 can be found(along with other stuff) 
here: http://stud4.tuwien.ac.at/~e0526822/patches-ctx-etc/ . I want to check 
a regression in gta before sending it.
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