wineboot: Start items in StartUp folder on boot, includes security measures.

Misha Koshelev mk144210 at
Sun Feb 11 15:31:35 CST 2007

Ok, thanks to everybody's responses on the wine-devel list. Here is my
new version of this patch. It starts the items in the StartUp folder
like Windows does (again, if anybody who knows about IShellFolder will
look over my code that would be great :) I tested it and it works for
the Vector NTI installer, but I would really like to have an expert's
opinion on whether it is missing osmething). There were a lot of
comments on wine-devel about malware using this system to start itself
so here is what I added:

- When wineboot finds a file that it wants to start in the StartUp
folder, it asks the user whether he wants to run the program. His
options are: Always, Yes, No (default), and Never.
- If he selects Yes the program is run, if he select No it is not.
- If he selects Always or Never, I create a registry key in:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\StartupItems with the full pathname
of the program and the value "always" or "never." When wineboot sees 
this program in the StartUp folder it checks this key, and if it is
set it performs the appropriate action.

To me it seems like this would be enough to prevent malware from using
this system because the user could just click no or never. Also, someone
pointed out that wineboot already runs quite a lot of other RUN registry
keys that can be used for malware, and currently there is no system for
these keys like the one I made for startup. Any comments will be
appreciated. Thanks.


	* wineboot: Start items in StartUp folder on boot, includes security

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