Wine and menu integration

David Saez Padros david at
Thu Feb 15 11:37:52 CST 2007

Hi !!

I saw a post at
and i made some freedesktop compliant files which:

  - add a global Wine menu item in the Aplications menu (seen
    by all users when non empty). should be installed
    on /etc/xdg/menus/applications-merged (directory should be
    created if non-existant) and file should be
    installed on /usr/share/desktop-directories. This avoids the
    need of creating file on each user's

  - add a global menu item for winecfg in System -> Preferences
    (seen by all users). winecfg.desktop should be installed
    on /usr/share/applications

  - add double-click action for executing .exe files in gnome:
    this line:


    should be added to:


I also tough on adding global menu items for winefile and
winemine but, well, most desktops have better alternatives
for both of them and one ugly thing about Wine that makes it
difficult is that it creates the menu structure using the
localized menu name for the <name> tag, it will be better
that at least the 'Programs' item have a standard non-localized

Finally, which is the best way to contribute to desktop
integration (mailing list, submission to wine-patches at,
...) ?

Best regards ...

    David Saez Padros      
    On-Line Services 2000 S.L.       e-mail  david at
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[Desktop Entry]
Name=Wine Configuration
Name[en]=Wine Configuration
Name[es]=Configuración Wine
NAme[ca]=Configuració Wine
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[Desktop Entry]
Name=Wine Windows
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