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David Saez Padros david at
Fri Feb 16 03:05:58 CST 2007

Hi !!

This line should be added to commctrl.h:

#define ListView_GetOrigin(hwndLV, ppt) \

this one should be added to windows.h (maybe it's not the best
place for it, but it works):

#define stricmp strcasecmp

BTW, i manged to compile Safarp using winelib, which is a GPL
"Add or Remove Programs" which can be very useful for wine.
If you would like to distribute it with wine (which i think it
be very good) i could send you the modified code & Makefile
along with freedesktop compliant menu items to integrate it
with the desktop

safarp web page:

Regarding this process:

- winemaker does not recognice many of comctl32 functions
   (InitCommonControlsEx by example) and thus does not add
   comctl32 to xxx_DLLS

- i also installed the win32 version of sapard, which installs
   itself also as a control panel applet but it does not appear
   in "wine control" (for some reason it failed to install itself
   in system32)

Thanx & best regards...

    David Saez Padros      
    On-Line Services 2000 S.L.       e-mail  david at
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