[3/10] WineD3D: Move decoding the vertex declaration to the vertexshader state handler

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg231 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 07:07:03 CST 2007

> Regarding the concern of storing the decoded strided data after 
> finishing drawing: This is intentional, the decoded vertex declaration 
> will remain valid after the draw is finished and the arrays loaded. 
> Future draws can use it, if the state is not dirtified again.
This sounds like a good idea...
> Wrt the upward references: When we have multithreading with multiple 
> contexts we will need a per-context tracking of most of the stuff we 
> have in the device now(last_was_rhw, ...). This structure does not 
> exist yet, and I do not see a point in passing the device impl to 
> every function when we can get it from the stateblock too.

I still think this caching stuff needs to go into its own structure [ 
maybe device->cache or something like that ]. I can see how it's a bit 
different from the standard stateblock data, since it's just a cache, 
rather than something that's set/get by the application - cache state vs 
configured state. It's not so clear to me that this is all per-thread 
data - the strided streams are directly tied to the vertex declaration 
and stream data, which is in turn shared across threads as part of the 


Note: you just made drawPrimitiveTraceDataLocations into dead code.
(previously called in d3d8 fixed function code path).
I don't care much for this function, but please remove it if getting rid 
of its callers.

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