[5/8] WineD3D: Readd the strided data trace

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg231 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 19:07:23 CST 2007

Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> I removed that call accidentally in one of my former patches, but I 
> think it is still a good idea to trace the final strided sources used 
> by drawprim
You removed it from a d3d8 fixed function FVF-only codepath, and are 
adding it back into a shared codepath.
That function doesn't work properly with vertex declarations, it will 
only work with FVFs, which have different strided layout.
FVFs use fixed semantic index [u.s.position], vdecl asks the shader for 
an index [u.s.input[idx]].

Furthermore, the trace isn't needed for declarations, because they have 
their own (better) traces.

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