Patch for Bugzilla Bug 6323

Dean Kusler deankus at
Tue Jan 30 22:47:38 CST 2007

In dlls/winex11.drv/keyboard.c, XmbLookupString was being called with 
KeyRelease events, which has undefined behavior (in this case, it fails to 
return a valid keysym for numpad key releases). By instead calling 
XLookupString in the case of a KeyRelease, we can obtain a valid keysym.

From the XmbLookupString man page:

            (R)To ensure proper input processing, it is essential that the
            client pass only KeyPress events to XmbLookupString, XwcLookup-
            String and Xutf8LookupString.  Their behavior when a client
            passes a KeyRelease event is undefined.
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