Some Spanish translation updates [try 2]

José Manuel Ferrer Ortiz jmfo1982 at
Thu May 3 14:29:53 CDT 2007

Hi, I've updated
the Spanish resources for oledlg, shdoclc and shell32. I've also
corrected a small typo in 'shell32_En.rc' (where it said "...and all
it's content..." now it says "...and all its content...").

Now I've left the license of those files as the LGPL vesion 2.1 or later (as it was originally).

It's important to mention that I've also relicensed my previous translation of winspool.drv with the LPGL version 2.1 or later (originally it was LPGL version 2.1 exactly) too. This license change is reflected in the attached patch.

José Manuel

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