[PATCH 00/27] Activation context (Part I, take 2)

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Mon May 7 14:49:33 CDT 2007

The following series provides a first real implementation of activation contexts. It has been written by Jacek Caban and myself. Even if individual patches show only one of the two names (for ease of packaging), reality is different. In many cases, ideas, implementation, bug fix(es), improvement have been done by both of us.

Basically, this first serie of patches implements:
- searching and building the hierarchy of manifests needed by an application
- parsing of such manifests
- implementation of the Query function on this hierarchy of manifest
- core activation context manipulation APIs (add/release ref, stacking...)

This doesn't allow yet to let an application with manifest being successfully run in Wine. This will require:
- implementing the Find functions
- patching the DLL loader (for both DLL lookup at first step; name prefixing will come later on)
- enhancing the process loader a bit
The core idea of this set would be to let an app with a manifest and linked to msvcrt80 be successfully run under Wine.

Jacek and I have preliminary work on this, but this is not fully ready, so let's start with committing this first set.

What will still have to be done afterwards includes:
- moving code from kernel32 to ntdll (no doc exists on the Web currently for those)
- all the COM, window class, name prefixing that's allowed

NB: changes from take 1 include
- some changes in function naming (from AJ)
- proper authorship for the patches


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