[5/5] widl: Remove var_t's ptr_level field and start write_pointers

Dan Hipschman dsh at linux.ucla.edu
Thu May 10 00:57:01 CDT 2007

Well, I sent this quite a while ago and it hasn't shown up on the list yet.
It's probably too big, so here's a link to the patch instead of inlining it.

This patch finally takes the ptr_level field out of the var_t struct.  This
field was always a bad idea, conceptually because pointer info belongs in
the type_t structure, and in practice because none of the ptr_level code
generalizes to typedef'd types.  It also made dealing with pointers a major
headache since there was always two ways to repesent pointers, and you always
had to think about both of them.

This also begins an implementation of write_pointers, which generates the
type format string for pointers in structures and arrays.  It's the first
error encountered when compiling oaidl.idl.  The reason I put both of these
in a single patch is that when I originally took out ptr_level, a lot of
stuff was still broken, and I didn't realize it until I started writing
write_pointers.  I had to go back and tweak the ptr_level patch, and now
it's a bit of a chore to separate them again, whereas this patch is already
tested and working.  It also includes new tests which pass on wine and XP.

 dlls/rpcrt4/tests/server.c   |   40 ++++
 dlls/rpcrt4/tests/server.idl |   18 ++
 tools/widl/client.c          |   12 +-
 tools/widl/header.c          |   81 ++++----
 tools/widl/header.h          |   22 ++-
 tools/widl/parser.y          |  126 +++++++----
 tools/widl/proxy.c           |   17 +-
 tools/widl/server.c          |    4 +-
 tools/widl/typegen.c         |  534 ++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------
 tools/widl/typegen.h         |    2 +-
 tools/widl/widltypes.h       |   12 +-
 tools/widl/write_msft.c      |   30 ++--
 12 files changed, 521 insertions(+), 377 deletions(-)

Link to the patch:


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