[Lostwages] remove some tables and unnecessary markup

Alex Waite awaite2 at uiuc.edu
Tue May 22 09:07:48 CDT 2007

(Resending because I sent it 9 hours ago and it hasn't posted yet).
  This is my first submission to Wine, so please set me straight if I am
incorrect in anything.  This patch is merely to remove some superfluous
tables and use CSS instead.  I was unable to test the CSS since the
changes are to a .template file, but it should all work.
  Also, I'll repeat here an offer I made to Alexander Sørnes and Chris
Morgan in an e-mail.  I'm not quite sure how much documentation needs to
be done, but if there are portions of the site which need to be
re-written/updated/merged in English then I would be more than happy to
help with that as well.


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