RICHED20: fix test failure in test_WM_PASTE

Alex Villacís Lasso a_villacis at
Sat Nov 3 22:57:57 CDT 2007

At last! I finally found the way to make native riched20 actually obey
keystrokes involving Ctrl and some other key. It seems that native riched20
checks the actual keyboard state during WM_KEYDOWN processing, and won't
process keystrokes if the keyboard state does not match the messages being
sent. However, with keybd_event(), native riched20 can be fooled into
simulated keystrokes.

* Native riched20 won't obey simple WM_CHAR or WM_KEYDOWN/WM_KEYUP messages
  when processing Ctrl-Key keystrokes. Use keybd_event() instead. Fixes one
  test failure in Win98 and WinXP-SP2.
* Add more through tests to test_WM_PASTE, to check that text is actually
  being modified in intermediate steps. Fixes false test success in Win98 and
  WinXP-SP2. Additional tests pass under Win98, WinXP-SP2 and Wine.
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