RICHED20: fix detection of CFE_LINK on WinXP-SP2

Alex Villacís Lasso a_villacis at
Sun Nov 4 14:06:17 CST 2007

On WinXP-SP2, riched20 (version 3.0) requires a nonempty span to be selected
in order to report CFE_LINK attribute. With this patch and the previous one
(the one that uses keybd_event for testing Ctrl-key response), riched20 tests
now pass cleanly on WinXP-SP2 (hooray!). Unfortunately, this trick seems
to be
ineffective on removing the same test failure in Win98 (inside QEMU). This
might be the target of a future patch.

* Select nonempty span for testing presence of CFE_LINK attribute. Fixes
  remaining 8 test failures on WinXP-SP2.
* Display URL candidate on test when incorrect result is encountered.
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