USER32: Patch 6 of 6: Conformance tests for DlgDirList and DlgDirSelectEx

Alex Villacís Lasso a_villacis at
Sat Nov 10 17:09:45 CST 2007

This test suite validates the changes made by patches 3 and 4. Passes on
WinXP-SP2 and Win98.

However, this test suite puts me in a bit of a bind. A previous patch I sent
to prevent Win16 apps from receiving long filenames into possibly too small
buffers assumed a DlgDirSelectEx took special action to recognize that an
string in a listbox is not a valid existing filename. It appears it is not
case - neither WinXP-SP2 nor Win98 check the filename is actually valid.

* Add conformance tests for DlgDirList and DlgDirSelectEx
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