advapi32: fix buffer overrun in tests/registry.c:wine_debugstr_wn(), try 4

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Nov 11 08:33:03 CST 2007

This time I simply removed some of the unneeded
changes introduced by Francois when he forked
debugstr_wn from libs/wine/debug.c in

Found via valgrind warning
 Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
    at 0x45F3219: wine_debugstr_wn (registry.c:151)
    by 0x45F34F5: test_hkey_main_Value_W (registry.c:284)
    by 0x45F7644: func_registry (registry.c:327)
    by 0x460A127: run_test (test.h:387)
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