bits: Description of patch set (resend) (0/27)

Roy Shea roy at
Fri Nov 16 18:14:24 CST 2007


This is a resend of the BITS patchset with a few new patches tagged
onto the end.  The cleans up svchost, breaks patches into smaller
functional groups, and fixes a few minor bugs.

The patch set provides the boilerplate code required for BITS.  If
all goes well, I'll have patches doing actual networking in BITS by
early next week.

BITS is implemented by qmgr.dll and runs as a service via svchost.exe.
The final patch in this set finishes adding enough functionality for a
simple test of CoCreateInstance.  This test requires that ole32, qmgr,
and qmgrprxy be registered using regsvr32.

This patch set rests upon svchost.exe (the first patch).  Windows uses
svchost.exe to execute DLLs as services. A single instance of
svchost.exe can group together a collection of process.

The Windows registry entry:


lists the services controlled by svchost.exe.  Values under this key
describe groups of process run by svchost.exe.  Each value contains a
list of one or more actual services that will be run by svchost.exe
with the service group is started.  The actual DLL started for these
services is specified in the registry entries:


The addition of this allows Wine to implement these services, such as
BITS, in a manner compatible with Windows.


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