[1/20] WineD3D: Start of some surface cleanup

Stefan Dösinger stefan at codeweavers.com
Mon Sep 17 08:47:25 CDT 2007

The next 20 patches clean up the d3d surfaces a bit. They start a move to a 
proper base surface class, with gl and gdi surfaces derived from it. Later on 
we can add gl3 surfaces.

The cleanup will take some time, the 20 patches aren't all of it. The vtable 
remains unmodified, and all surfaces have the same IID. These 20 patches are 
a necessary start, we have to discuss what we want or need on top of that. 
After those patches I plan some inner-opengl cleanup to simplify code.

The code will in violation of some OOP principles for some more time, but this 
makes the cleanup easier, and it can be done in small patches to make 
regression testing easier. Later on we might restructure the vtable a bit to 
give gdi surfaces only the methods they need, and gl/d3d specific methods 
exist only in d3d surfaces, but we'll have to check how this works with ddraw 
and inherited d3d methods from IWineD3DResource. For now I'll start with a 
code move
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