RICHED20: tests show WM_GETTEXT change \r to \r\n

a_villacis at a_villacis at
Sun Sep 23 00:59:33 CDT 2007

Tests made on WinXP-SP2 show that WM_GETTEXT will automatically balance
unpaired \r (without \n) to \r\n when retrieving text from a riched20
control. The message EM_GETTEXTEX does *not* display this behavior,
suggesting that the text is stored unbalanced internally (as is the
case with Wine), and WM_GETTEXT converts it on the fly.

This behavior is important to know, because some tests are failing on
WinXP-SP2 due to previously unexpected transformation of \r to \r\n,
since text is recovered via WM_GETTEXT.

* When sent to a riched20 control, WM_GETTEXT should convert any unpaired
  \r to \r\n on text recovery. Add tests for this (passes on WinXP-SP2).
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