[GSoC] Test cases for DirectPlay

RazZziel razielmine at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 15:55:44 CDT 2008

Initial approach. I've implemented some tests for EnumConnections and
tested them in windows xp and in linux. The behaviour is mostly the
same but the tests manage to detect one mismatch between both
implementations in line 117 (and other mismatch, but in the form of
reported errors, not with an ok() function)

Please let me know if:
- I should implement more tests for this "entrance exam", as I've only
implemented tests for one function and they still could be improved
- The coding style is too "hackish" with all that macro-magic, or
there's anything innappropiate
- There's any standard or best-practice I've overlooked
- Is it possible to set up git-imap-send without black magic?

Any comment is welcomed

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