hhctrl.ocx: look up in chm if url doesn't contain "://"

Hin-Tak Leung hintak_leung at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Apr 14 15:17:27 CDT 2008

  hhctrl.ocx: look up in chm if url doesn't contain "://"

This fixes bug 11690; I posted to wine-devel and two others who are known to have worked on this part of the code requested for comments but have not heard. Here is the relevant part and an excerpt of my earlier post:

NavigateToUrl() in hhctrl.ocx/help.c is only used by the HH_HELP_CONTEXT case in HtmpHelpW() in hhctrl.ocx/hhctrl.c - I think in some circumstances, it may return a full url, but in the case of bug 11690, it returns a "relative" one inside the same CHM,
so the code in NavigateToUrl() should drop through to look up in chm. The top part of
NavigateToUrl() is really wrong because it assumes a IWebbrowser_navigate would fail
on a relative url and drop through, but the way I see it, Iwebbrower_navigate should return the status of whether talking to IE/gecko is successful, not whether they gets "404 not found".

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