[AppDB] Allow users to disable the Xinha HTML editor

Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes alex at thehandofagony.com
Tue Apr 22 14:10:11 CDT 2008

In some browsers the editor is loaded partially but does not work, making the 
user unable to fill out certain text fields.

Add a new setting in the user preferences to control when the editor should be 
displayed: always, for supported browsers (default) or never.

When 'for supported browsers' is selected the Xinha editor will be disabled in 
Opera and Konqueror.

The following SQL command must be run:
INSERT INTO prefs_list VALUES (0, 'htmleditor', 'for supported 
browsers', 'always|for supported browsers|never', 'Display a graphical HTML 
editor in certain text fields');


Alexander N. Sørnes
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