d3dx8: Implement MatrixStack as an array

David Adam david.adam.cnrs at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 21:53:13 CDT 2008


here is an another try for the implementation of MatrixStack.
I send just the first modification. I shall send the other ones, when this
patch is accepted.

Following Henri and Tony's idea, I begin with a stack with size 32. So,
log_stack_size=1. When current=32, I increase the size of the stack with a
factor 2, so log_stack_size=2. When current=64, again I increase the size of
the stack with a factor 2, so log_stack_size=3 and so on.... When
current=(log_size_stack-1)*32, I decrease the size of the stack with a
factor 2.

Does anyone agree with this implementation?

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