ddraw:Fixed device name

Jens Albretsen jens at albretsen.dk
Sun Apr 27 08:00:35 CDT 2008

Some of ubi-soft's DirectX6 games seems to check the device name to determine 
if there is a 3D accelerator in the machine, anyway "Donald going quackers" 
is now starting up, the name it want's is "Direct3D HAL" so I investigated a 
bit and found that is what the original DirectX is returning and "Direct3D 
HEL" for Hardware emulation device anyway not "direct3d". This patch will 
probably make more old DirectX6 games from ubi-soft and others work.


Fixed device name from "direct3d" to "Direct3D HAL" (Hardware accelerated)
and to "Direct3D HEL" (Hardware emulation).
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