richedit: (1/9) Add support for encoding number of CR and LF contained within a line break.

Alex Villací­s Lasso a_villacis at
Mon Apr 28 11:46:45 CDT 2008

 * Added fields to ME_Run for storing number of CR and LF characters 
 * ME_SplitParagraph now contains two additional parameters for 
specifying the number of CR and LF characters. These values are used to 
calculate the length of the end run, and also stored in the new 
end-of-paragraph run.
 * ME_JoinParagraphs now stores the encoded amount of CR and LF in the 
end-of-paragraph run about to be removed, so that it can be restored in 
undo operation.
 * ME_PlayUndoItem honors CR and LF amounts when re-splitting a paragraph
 * ME_InsertTextFromCursor uses the additional parameters for 
ME_SplitParagraph to fill in the standard values according to 1.0 
emulation mode. This is a stopgap measure to be removed in a future patch.
 * Added trace support for debugging end-of-paragraph runs.

perl -e '$x=2.4;print sprintf("%.0f + %.0f = %.0f\n",$x,$x,$x+$x);'

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