[TRY 3] Add tests for checking the parent notification for edit control

Ilya Shpigor shpigor at etersoft.ru
Tue Aug 12 05:47:45 CDT 2008

Change since TRY 2: 
The test added to tests/edit.c. My own parent window procs was created for the 

> - /* why do we notify to es->hwndParent, and we send this one to 
GetParent()? */
> + /* All notifies are send to es->hwndParent
> +  * Its are send to the current parent.
> +  */
>          hbrush = (HBRUSH)SendMessageW(GetParent(es->hwndSelf), msg, 
(WPARAM)hdc, (LPARAM)es->hwndSelf);
>          if (!hbrush)
>              hbrush = (HBRUSH)DefWindowProcW(GetParent(es->hwndSelf), msg, 
(WPARAM)hdc, (LPARAM)es->hwndSelf);

This tests confirming my statement in the comment. If we change 
GetParent(es->hwndSelf) to es->hwndParent the tests will be failed.

Best regards
        Ilya Shpigor.
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