[4/6][PATCH]Implements several sock.c necessary for AcceptEx

Scott Lindeneau slindeneau at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 12:59:51 CDT 2008

sock.c: add's a listen handler to identify a socket that is listening
for connections that will be accepted onto this socket. This allows the
accepting socket to notify the listening socket when it is no longer
ready to accept connections.(AcceptEx Requires this.)

sock.c: impelements new DECL_HANDLER set_socket_listener to set the
above listen handler.(AcceptEx Requires this.)

sock.c: Implements sock_close_handle to correctly close all associated
async requests.(AcceptEx Requires this.)

fd.c: Implements new DECL_HANDLER register_async_l to register a
locatable async event.

protocol.def: Assosciated changes for above to work.
Otherfiles changed by tools/make_requests
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