gdi32/freetype patch to solve CJK text display

Xiangrong Fang xrfang at
Thu Dec 4 00:39:50 CST 2008

Hi All,

I have submited a new ticket about this problem, as suggested by Dan:

This is a modified patch for an old bug #4065

The discussion in #4065 talked about "font substitution", although it
is marked as closed the problem still exists.  Font substitution, if
can solve this problem, will still be very nasty. It requires users to
modify wine registry which is difficult to many users, and there are
a LOT of out-dated information about how to set font substitution to
solve this problem, which actually does not work!

Attached is two flavor of the patch for the SAME purpose (so choose
from one of them not using both), in GIT diff format.

patch #1 utilize GetACP() which is preferred for CJK users;
patch #2 use an environment variable to maintain compatibility with
current code (if the env is not set, it doesnot affect current code at

The third file, winefont.pas, is a small test program to show the
problem, it print out PASS if Chinese text is correctly rendered, FAIL
if not.
Please note that the result in Windows is not correct, it will show
FAIL under Chinese Windows, which should be PASS. Please see comments
in the program for details.


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