winealsa.drv: respect UseDirectHW in ALSA_TestDeviceForWine

Robert Broglia robert.broglia at
Fri Dec 12 18:30:38 CST 2008

ALSA_TestDeviceForWine always opens a "hw" device even if wine is
going to use "plughw". This prevents the function from succeeding and
preventing playback/recording on sound cards such as the Terratec Dmx
6fire which can't be opened in 2 channel mode when using "hw" unless
another app has already opened "plughw".

This patch changes ALSA_TestDeviceForWine to take a pcm name string
instead of card & device ints. This allows the caller to decide if
they want to pass "hw" or "plughw" depending on the UseDirectHW
setting and the 2 calls in ALSA_ScanDevices are modified to do so.
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