winewtsn: add a new program that shows a dialog to inform about a crash

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at
Sun Dec 14 15:35:48 CST 2008

  Currently, when a program is started from the KDE or Gnome menu and it 
crashes, it simply disappears from the screen without any explanation 
what happened - the information that goes to the console is not visible. 
This program uses a similar technique as Windows' dr Watson to register 
itself as a debugger and show a dialog about a crash. It then calls 
winedbg, so, if the program is run from a terminal, the dump will be 
still visible. As a bonus feature, one can Shift+right click on the 
dialog to start an interactive session of winedbg. The patch has an 
effect only on new wineprefixes, as the debugger setting is not 
overwritten after a Wine upgrade.
  There was some discussion about collecting some data about how people 
use Wine, e.g. about crashes. If we consider it a good idea, we could 
use this program to add an option for the user to send the VERSIONINFO 
of the app that crashed and obtain some data what programs people have 
most problems with.
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