msxml3: Skip tests if we cannot create a document

Michael Karcher wine at
Wed Dec 17 04:31:26 CST 2008

Am Mittwoch, den 17.12.2008, 21:14 +1100 schrieb Alistair Leslie-Hughes:
> Changelog:
> 	msxml3: Skip tests if we cannot create a document
You won't get this patch in. Alexandre does not like tests that succeed
silently if an important Wine component is not built. As Alexandre does
not count skip()s as failures, this test succeeds. We just had the
discussion recently for opengl32, where he said "I want at least one
test failure of opengl support does not work".

For msxml3: What's the point of building the msxml3 library at all if
libxml2 is missing? Is there any application that takes advantage of
having a completely dysfunctional stub? In my oppinion, msxml should not
be built if libxml2 is missing. This also boils down to a silent
success, as configure just disables building, and that means the tests
also don't get built. What I think we need is a configure option
"--without-relaxed-dependencies" that makes configure fail instead of
printing a warning if some prerequisite Alexandre considers important

  Michael Karcher

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