[PATCH] Fix glReadPixels call from read_from_framebuffer (redux)

Nick Burns adger44 at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 21 05:36:09 CST 2008

This is a resubmission of my previous patch
I fixed the issues Jeff found
1 - email address in the patch file/git
2 - move declartions to block beginning (no warnings now)
3 - hotmail spacing (well i think this is as good as I can make it...)

This is my last gfx fix for SHOGO (now its quite legible and playable)
The readpixels call was putting data into the wrong place in the pbo (fixed with pixelstore)
And the y-flip code was flipping the wrong data as well (set the bottom row to the bottom row and not the height'th row)

The code handled fullscreen 2d blits (or blts without any colorkey masking) correctly
However sub-blits had issues (in the pbo path)
    1 - readpixels read into the wrong part of the pbo (as a line and not a rect)
    2 - the y-flip code would move around the uninited data (from the readpixels) and it read from the wrong place
    3 - After 1 and 2 the pbo is corrupt and the blt code had no chance...

This patch fixes 1 and 2 -- letting the blt code shine
This can be seen in the SHOGO menu (now not corrupt!)

    Fix glReadPixels call from read_from_framebuffer    
    Fix the call to readpixels so that 2d blts going thru the pbo path end up in the right place and get flipped correctly

 - Nick
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