wine keyboard fix

dhliu dh.liu at
Fri Feb 8 21:52:23 CST 2008

Some input methods  can send a much longer string. The original size is 
too small. Please consider enlarging it.

Edward Liu


 static WORD EVENT_event_to_vkey( XIC xic, XKeyEvent *e)
    KeySym keysym = 0;
    Status status;
    char buf[256];                       <------------------------------

    /* Clients should pass only KeyPress events to XmbLookupString */
    if (xic && e->type == KeyPress)
        XmbLookupString(xic, e, buf, sizeof(buf), &keysym, &status);
        XLookupString(e, buf, sizeof(buf), &keysym, NULL);


 void X11DRV_KeyEvent( HWND hwnd, XEvent *xev )
    XKeyEvent *event = &xev->xkey;
    char Str[256];                    
    KeySym keysym = 0;

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