Implement IStream interface for msxml3 domdoc

Josef Reidinger josef.reidinger at
Sat Jan 12 05:31:38 CST 2008

This patch fix bug #4811. It implements IStream interface for dom
document in msxml. Really implemented is needed part of write function,
other function is not implemented. Part is also not implemented by
windows (readed only at msdn, not tested), part is not implemented
because I don't know how this work on windows and I cannot test it. This
is my first wine patch so feel free give me any hint about my code.
It is four patches because I do it more days. It must be implemented
all, because some not work (I forget for example initialize vtbl for
IStream) but all is compilable. last patch fix my bad whitespaces
(trailing spaces and tabs instead of spaces).

* implement IStream write for msxml domdoc
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