riched20: Added windowless text services tests (resent)

Austin Lund austin.lund at
Wed Jul 2 00:50:21 CDT 2008

This resent patch removes almost all functionality in the previous
patches I have posted.

The patch has the bare minimum tests for creating an ITextServices
object.  It tests the CreateTextServices function which creates an
IUnknown object which is then queried to obtain an ITextServices
object (as described in MSDN).  The querying is also tested.

A complete ITextHost implementation must be passed to the
CreateTextServices function which is responsible for the majority of
the length of the patch.  The implementation used for the test has
each function send a trace output for identification of the function
called and returns E_NOTIMPL.  However, crashes will occur in with
native riched20s if the TxGetPropertyBits function returns E_NOTIMPL
and hence it returns S_OK.

The native riched20.dll uses the thiscall function calling convention
and hence some wrappers are used to convert these into stdcall.  The
wrappers are the same as used in the file dlls/riched20/txtsrv.c in
current git.
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