ntdll: Use module for path to activation context

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 03:07:52 CDT 2008


I have ran the test you asked:

I created a simple dll with debug c runtime in msvc 2008, and put it
on a different computer that doesn't have the manifests for it
installed globally under C:\\tests.

I also created a simple mingw app that calls
LoadLibrary("C:\\tests\simple.dll"); and returns the error message if
it fails, and put it in a different directory then the dll.

On windows I get:
- It succeeds when the manifest and dlls are in C:\\tests, but not
when it's in the same place as the application is, it will fail with

On wine:
- It will succeed when the manifest in the same place as the application

With this patch:
- It will only succeed if the dll is the same place as the manifest,
or the manifest is installed globally.
- If manifest is not found it will throw up an error, not the same one
as I had under windows xp, because it will still try to load the debug
dll's regardless, but that's a different bug.
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