richedit: Cannot undo setting of default character format.

Dylan Smith dylan.ah.smith at
Fri Jul 11 19:06:05 CDT 2008

This also reverts commit 2b52dd845097f16076c0185b02a003f63898dcab:
wordpad: Empty the richedit undo buffer on creation.

The reverted commit I created to fix an issue that only applied to Wine,
but it just masked the issue which was in richedit controls.  The
default character format was set in two places while wordpad was
starting up, and caused wordpad to have two undo items at startup.  This
can be tested by reverting the commit, and opening wordpad.  In Windows
this wouldn't happen, because setting the default character format
cannot be undone.

This patch removes undo logic for default character formats, which I
didn't seem to be working properly anyway.

This patch also fixed a riched20 test that was marked as todo.
 dlls/riched20/editstr.h      |    3 +--
 dlls/riched20/list.c         |    3 +--
 dlls/riched20/run.c          |    9 ---------
 dlls/riched20/tests/editor.c |    2 +-
 dlls/riched20/undo.c         |    6 ------
 programs/wordpad/wordpad.c   |    1 -
 6 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 21 deletions(-)
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