comctl32: statusbar: change the height expression to one that seems to be the same as in Windows (2nd try)

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at
Thu Jul 17 10:50:35 CDT 2008

  I have added another test. There were two details to fix (if 
tmInternalLeading is 0 then the margin should be 2 and there is a 
minimal pane height), but the use of tmInternalLeading seems correct - 
the test passes for all fonts on Vista with Photoshop Elements 
installed. Maybe tmInternalLeading is considered a good candidate for 
margin size as it scales with the font size and is like the double-click 
time that is used for tooltips timeouts.
  I've tried to change some values with SPI_SETNONCLIENT but it didn't 
have any effect of the minimal pane size, so I've hardcoded it.
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